Get your digital download for 7 bucks in the web shop!

I’ve set up the web shop here on my website now so you can purchase digital downloads of my albums. There’s all kinds of stuff, Barry Cuda solo, The Silver King Band, Barry Cuda and the Sharks, Bong Hits for Geezers…

They are all mp3 versions at the moment, if enough of you give me feedback that you prefer something else I can probably set that up as well. The digital downloads are $7 each and you’ll get an email confirmation after your purchase with a download link in it. When you open it you’ll be able to save a zip-file with the album to your computer.

If you’re using iTunes, once you unzip the downloaded file, here’s a tutorial on how to import the folder into iTunes, just in case. 

If you have any problems, just shoot me an email! barrycudamusic at gmail dot com. 

Swimmin’ at the Coral Gables Blues Fest 2018

The 20th Coral Gables Blues Fest gigs at the Fritz and Franz Bierhaus went swimmingly for Barry Cuda and the Sharks. In a sea of “Blues Brothers meet Stevie Ray Vaughn” electric guitar/bass/drums/harmonica bands, our acoustic instrumentation of piano/drums/trumpet stood out. Likewise, our set list – an assortment of New Orleans blues rumba, archival blues roots dating back to the 1890’s, 1940’s jump and rockabilly – helped demonstrate the breathe and scope that is the majesty of the blues. I was a bit worried that the audience would not accept us as we refuse to embrace the sun glasses pork pie hat cliche of what most audiences consider to be “real blues” these days but this did not happen. It seems they were ready for something different and our musicianship held sway. Mick on drums and my left hand holding down the rhythm section, Kenny’s mastery of melodic phrasing teased, pleased, and ultimately seduced them.