New World Blues Roots – CD


Barry Cuda (2013)



Alfred “Uganda” Roberts, legendary conguero for Professor Longhair and the greats of New Orleans joins Barry Cuda in an exploration of the roots of blues and R&B on 14 instrumentals from the 1860’s thru the mid 20th century. Tom McDermott, reviewer for “Offbeat”- the venerable New Orleans music rag has this to say, “…the results are all good. Roberts sits well with the Cuban composers (Garay, Lecuona, Saumell) but the big surprise is how he fits with the non-Latin world of Robert Shaw, and Little Brother Montgomery. There’s also some calypso and Martiniquan biguine for lagniappe, and of course, some Fess material. This is a very dulce album, one that will surprise you with it’s constantly shifting material.”

Listen to a track off the album…